These puppets are each unique and different.  The common characteristic is the walking leg motion.  They tend to have still faces, rod arm controls and rod head control.  The size tends to range from mid thigh to full size.  These puppets can be very realistic.
Complex Walking Puppets
People Puppets
I make several types of People Puppets: simple hand puppets, complex walking puppets and complex talking walking puppets.
People puppets are any human like characters from humans to humanoid animals and aliens.  Even a puppet replica of you can be created.
All puppets are custom created to the needs of the performance or desired purpose for the puppet for example if you need a puppet who can hold something the hand will be made to serve that purpose.
Complex Walking Talking Puppets

These puppets are just like the Complex Walking Puppets except for the addition of the talking mouth.  The mouth can be hand, rod, string or otherwise controlled.  These puppets are somewhat more comical than the Walking Puppets, but all three kinds can range from the serious to the comically absurd.
He is in great need of a face lift.  His latex is melting.  He'll look his wicked self soon after such a task can be completed.
Todd as Micheal
from "Caucasion Chalk Circle"